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Import Zendesk Satisfaction Ratings
Import Zendesk Satisfaction Ratings

How to import Zendesk satisfaction ratings to Simplesat.

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Simplesat allows you to import and continually sync satisfaction ratings from Zendesk. In doing so, you can continue to use Zendesk's core satisfaction feature while being able to take advantage of the insights and publishing tools Simplesat has to offer.

You'd need to create a survey first, before activating the Import Zendesk Satisfaction Ratings. Once done, you can now activate the integrations.

To setup Zendesk satisfaction rating sync:

  • After you successfully authenticate, the sync will remain active until you remove the integration.

How the sync works

After you authenticate, Simplesat will immediately import the past two years of satisfaction data. 

Once done, we'll check every 30 minutes to import any new satisfaction ratings.

Note: By default, the historical data from Zendesk will be imported to the first Simplesat survey that you've created.

Viewing feedback imported from Zendesk

All Zendesk satisfaction ratings will show up on the Feedback page. Ratings from Zendesk will display the team member, ticket ID, subject, and channel information.

Removing the sync

To disable the sync:

After removing the integration, new ratings will not be imported, but old ones will stay on your dashboard.

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