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Custom dashboards are your one-stop shop for metrics that matter. With a custom dashboard, you have the flexibility to pull together various widgets that provide the insights you need, without the clutter of irrelevant data.

Think of a dashboard as your personalized data hub, where everything from team performance to customer satisfaction is neatly organized and readily accessible.

Creating custom dashboards

  • Click New dashboard within the Custom dashboards area on the left sidebar. If you're already viewing a dashboard, the top-right dropdown menu is your path to creating more.

  • Give your dashboard a name. Go for clarity and ease of recognition.

  • To edit, select Edit dashboard from the same top-right dropdown.

  • To remove a dashboard, click the Delete dashboard option in the top-right menu.

Dashboard access

  • All users in this account provides full access to everyone on your team.

  • All admins, plus the following managers and collaborators lets you curate the viewer list.

Be careful!

Access to dashboard data can override individual survey permissions. So if someone doesn't have access to a particular survey but can see a dashboard that includes it, they'll see that data.

Feedback sidebar

You have the power to show or hide the latest feedback sidebar. Customize your dashboard view to suit your preference.

Managing widgets

Widgets are the essence of your dashboard's functionality:

  • Click on the Add widget button, located in the dashboard's top right corner.

  • Feel free to add as many widgets as you need — there's no limit.

  • Drag and drop to reorder, or use the top-right corner controls of each widget to resize.

Adding dashboards to favorites

  • Star your go-to dashboards to access them quickly from the Favorites section at the top of your sidebar.

  • Favorites are personal. They'll only appear in your account.

  • Unfavoriting is just a click away on the star icon once more.

Setting custom dashboards as the home dashboard

  • Streamline your workflow by setting a custom dashboard as your home dashboard. Click the Set as home dashboard button from the top-right menu. It's the first thing you'll see after logging in, tailored to your needs.

  • This setting is personal to your user account and won't affect others.

  • To switch back to the standard dashboard view, simply click Unset as home dashboard from the dashboard menu.

With these steps, you're all set to tailor your Simplesat experience with custom dashboards that bring your most important data to the forefront.

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