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Create a new end-user to send ratings back to Zendesk
Create a new end-user to send ratings back to Zendesk
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A "fake" end-user is required in order to add satisfaction ratings back to your Zendesk account. You can learn more about how that integration works here.

Creating a new end-user

Login to your Zendesk account, hover over the + Add link in the top left corner, then click User.

Enter a name, email address, and make sure End-user is selected for the role.

For the name, you can enter something easily identifiable, such as Simplesat Integration.

Note: If you're using Gmail (or G Suite) and already have your email used in Zendesk, you can add a "+" and then any text after for Zendesk to treat that as a new address. For example, if your email was [email protected] you could use [email protected]

You should receive an email to reset your password. Make sure you do so in incognito mode or while you're logged out of your main agent Zendesk account. After you set the new end-user's password, log out and back to your agent account again.

If your Zendesk account doesn't require registration to receive tickets, you can go into the end-user's profile and manually send out a verification email that lets you create a password, and complete the process.

API settings

The Password Access setting must be enabled in order for this integration to work. You can enable this in the API setting in your Zendesk account.  

Add your new end-user's information back to Simplesat

Enter your end-user's email and password to authenticate.

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