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Generic surveys are what you can use to add a survey to email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, or to integrate with a helpdesk not offered by SimpleSat yet.

Once you've created a new generic survey and customized the landing page settings, it's time to customize and copy your embed code.

Customize your survey's question

You can use the default, or write a question specific to your company or situation.

Choose an icon and rating scale

You can customize your CSAT survey to have anywhere between 2 and 5 different rating options. Click each icon to select and preview the full rating set.

Set up follow up question actions

You can configure follow up questions with conditional logic that trigger in reaction to a response. This can be based on the sentiment or rating value of the response,.

Enter rating placeholder values

By default, your survey will only collect the rating value. You can include additional placeholder values to get information from your helpdesk or CRM. For example, including Zendesk's {{ticket.requester.email}} Β in the email address field for customer details will enable you to associate that data with feedback.

If you're using a tool such as Gmail that doesn't offer placeholders but still want to associate the feedback with team members, you can enter each individual's email and name before generating the code.

Grab your embed code

Once you're happy with the customization, click Generate Embed Code and copy it to your clipboard. Depending on the tool you're integrating with, you can choose to copy visual, HTML, or link to the first question.Β 

Paste the code into your helpdesk software

In your heldpesk, find the email notification sent to your customers when tickets are solved or completed. Paste the code in the position to your liking, test a few tickets internally with your team, and you're done! 😎 

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