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Plans and billing overview

How much is the subscription price?

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Easily manage your billing settings on the Billing page, accessible by Owners and Billing roles.

Plans and pricing

Simplesat offers four tiered plans:

  • Choose your plan - Standard, Pro, Elite offer set prices. Enterprise is customized to your needs.

  • Save more annually - Opt for yearly billing on fixed-price plans and enjoy savings.

  • Features and usage - Compare plans in detail on our pricing page.

  • Track your usage - Monitor how you're utilizing Simplesat on the Usage page.

Managing billing

Plan selection and changes

Change your plan via the Change plan or Choose plan button, which opens a modal for selection. Starting a paid plan will commence the billing cycle immediately.

Downgrading plans

Making the switch to a lower-tier plan on Simplesat is straightforward, but it does require ensuring your current usage aligns with the new plan's capabilities.

  • Usage check - If your usage exceeds the limits of the desired plan, you'll be prompted with steps to reduce usage.

  • Guided downgrade - The interface will detail which specific features or data volume need to be reduced to fit the parameters of the new plan.

Remember, our support team is on standby to assist with a smooth transition should you need guidance or encounter any snags along the way.

Canceling subscriptions

Decided to part ways? We've made sure the process is respectful of your time and preferences.

  • Easy cancel - A few clicks initiate a cancellation survey, which helps us continuously improve.

  • Feedback opportunity - Sharing your reasons can spur product enhancements that may rekindle our partnership in the future.

Before making a final decision, consider reaching out to our team. There might be solutions or upcoming features that perfectly align with your needs.

Payment methods and billing contacts

Update your card details easily and reach out to us for any billing information updates.

  • Card updates - Enter new payment information securely to ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Billing inquiries - For updates to company details, addresses, or tax IDs, our support team is ready to help personalize your invoices.

Invoice history

Each invoice is ready for review and download as a PDF, giving you full visibility into your account's billing history.

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