Managing users

How to add, edit, and remove users in your account.

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To manage users in your Simplesat account, head over to Admin > Users.

View existing users

Navigate to the user table under Admin to see all team members.

What you'll find:

  • Name - Who's who in your team.

  • Role - Everyone's place in the hierarchy.

  • Team member mapping - Link users to their 'agents' or 'techs' for more targeted feedback access (learn more about team member mapping).

  • Authentication - Quick visibility on security measures like 2FA or SSO.

  • Status - See who's active or still pending invitation acceptance.

  • Use the 3-dot icon for user management options.

Add users

  1. Click on Invite Invite user button.

  2. Enter the email address

  3. Select the appropriate role and click on Invite user to send the invite.

User plan limits

Each Simplesat plan includes a cap on the number of users. If you hit your plan's ceiling, you'll see a prompt indicating you've reached the user limit. To add more users:

  • Remove inactive users - Keep your team lean by removing accounts that are no longer needed.

  • Upgrade your plan - For growing teams, scaling up your plan allows for more user slots.

Stay on top of your current user count and usage across various features by visiting your Usage page.

Edit users

  1. Find the user you'd like to edit and open the drop-down menu.

  2. Select the role that you like and click on Update user.

Choosing Edit allows you to change a user's permissions.Β 

Delete users

  1. Find the user you'd like to edit and open the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on Delete and Delete user to save the changes.

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