Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT survey that you can embed directly in Kayako email notifications.

Create a your survey

First, create a Generic Embed survey. 

Customize the survey settings, and add Kayako's email placeholders in the Embed Code section.

Kayako email placeholders

  • Team Member Email - {{}} 
  • Team Member ID - {{}} 
  • Team Member First Name -  {{case.assignee.first_name}} 
  • Team Member Last Name - {{case.assignee.last_name}} 
  • Customer Email - {{}} 
  • Customer ID - {{}} 
  • Customer First Name - {{case.requester.first_name}} 
  • Customer Last Name - {{case.requester.last_name}} 
  • Company Name - {{}} 
  • Ticket ID - {{}} 
  • Ticket Subject - {{case.subject}} 

Visit Kayako's full placeholder reference

Once you have the placeholders filled in, click Save and Generate Embed Code. Make sure you're on the HTML option, then click Copy Survey.

Add your survey to Kayako

In the Admin section, navigate to Automation > Triggers.

We recommend adding the Simplesat survey to the trigger that notifies your customers of a solved case. That way they have a chance to rate the ticket once you've considered it complete.

Here's a recommended email body to use:

Your request "{{case.subject}} (#{{}})" has been deemed solved:



To review, comment and reopen the request, follow the link below: {{case.helpcenter_url}}

Paste the HTML survey you copied in the message. Click Save and you're done!

Test new ratings

Create a test ticket with yourself as the requester. Solve it and click a rating in an email. Once you do, new feedback should instantly show up in your Simplesat dashboard.


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