SimpleSat allows you to create a CSAT survey that you can embed directly in Tigerpaw email notifications.

Create a your survey

First, create a Generic Embed survey. 

Customize the survey settings, and add Tigerpaw's email placeholders in the Embed Code section.

Tigerpaw email placeholders

Team Member Email



Team Member ID



Team Member First Name



Team Member Last Name



Customer Email



Customer ID



Customer First Name



Customer Last Name



Company Name



Ticket ID



Ticket Subject


Once you have the placeholders filled in, click Save and Generate Embed Code. Make sure you're on the HTML option, then click Copy Survey.

Add your survey to Tigerpaw

In the Table Maintenance section, navigate to Email > Email Templates > Service

Choose the template you'd like to include your survey to:

Select HTML mode in the editor window. Paste the survey you copied to the bottom of the message. Click Save and you're done!

Test new ratings

Create a test ticket with yourself as the contact. Solve it and click a rating in an email. Once you do, new feedback should instantly show up in your Simplesat dashboard.


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