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Authenticating domains for email delivery
Authenticating domains for email delivery
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You can update your DNS records to connect Simplesat's email servers with your domain. This helps to prove your emails are not forgeries, prevents delivery issues, and protects your sender reputation. 

Once authenticated you can choose a custom domain for email surveys.

Add a new domain

In the email settings, enter the domain you'd like to add.


If your website address is, you'll want to add as the domain.

Update your DNS records

Once you do, Simplesat will give you the necessary DNS records to update. The update process varies depending on your DNS registrar. More about updating these records.

Validate the record

After you've updated the records, head back to Simplesat and validate the records. 

Note: some DNS records may take several hours to propagate.

Choosing a custom domain for your email survey

After you've validated, you can choose your custom domain to be used as the "from" address in your email survey. 

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