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Use conditional logic to configure follow-up questions or other question routing.

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Question actions are conditional logic settings that enable you to ask follow-up questions or finish a survey depending on how your customer responds.

You can configure actions at the bottom of any question while editing a survey.

Question actions overview

Question actions are made up of rules, which contain a set of conditions and action that triggers of those conditions are met.

The overview box gives you a birds-eye view of all conditions and actions set.

Edit actions

To add or edit actions, click the Edit actions link at the bottom of the box.

Note: You must save the survey in order to add actions to newly created questions.

The question actions modal contains a number of options for you to configure.

  • Enable/disable - When disabled, all rules will be ignored and the respondent will be directed to the next question in the survey.

  • Conditions - If the answer contains any of these conditions, the subsequent action will be triggered. Conditions can contain sentiment (grouping of ratings), ratings, or choices. For comment box question types, the condition is whether the answer contains any text or not.

  • Delete rule - Deletes all questions and settings associated with the rule. The question will also be deleted, but any answers associated with that question will remain preserved.

  • Action - Choose to display a follow-up question or finish the survey.

  • Follow-up question type - Choose between Comment box or Multiple choice.

  • Question settings - Make the question required (prevent skipping) or route the respondent to the end of the survey after answering.

  • Add rule - Located at the bottom of the modal. The button will become disabled if all available choices and sentiments are used. To create additional rules, you'll need to remove choices from other existing rules.

  • Save - You must save the settings before closing the modal.

How follow-up questions work

Follow-up questions are designed to help you gather more context about why your customers answer the way they do.

This is different from routing respondents to separate questions as you might see in a generic form builder. Follow-up questions group the answers, both on the front-end survey and in the Simplesat dashboard, making it easy for you and your customers to understand the context.

Follow-up question displayed on the survey:

Follow-up question displayed on the feedback page:

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