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Integrating Simplesat surveys with BrightGauge
Integrating Simplesat surveys with BrightGauge

Connect your Simplesat account with a BrightGauge datasource

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After connecting, BrightGauge will import and sync Simplesat answers for you to use in gauges, dashboards, and reports. 

Adding Simplesat as a datasource

In your BrightGauge account, head over to Data Settings > Datasources

Find and choose Simplesat

Enter Simplesat as the name, and paste your API Key

How to find your Simplesat API Key

Log in to Simplesat and find the Account Settings page

Find the Account Key box at the bottom of the page. Copy the string highlighted in red.

Note: Only users with Owner or Admin role can view the Account Key.

Let us know if you have any questions, issues, or feedback. 

You can also contact BrightGauge support at [email protected].

Viewing feedback in your BrightGauge account

After connected, your BrightGauge account will be updated with two default dashboards: CSAT and NPS. 

In order to get them to display information correctly, you'll need to choose which Simplesat survey to connect to from the global filter option. 

CSAT dashboard

NPS dashboard

Syncing ticket custom attributes

If you use Zendesk or ConnectWise, Simplesat will send there additional custom attributes along with each response:


  • zendesk_channel 


  • board 

  • department 

To get these fields into your BrightGauge account, just open up a ticket with BrightGauge support and they'll take care of it.

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