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Connect Power BI to Simplesat API
Connect Power BI to Simplesat API

How to get Simplesat answers directly into Power BI

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You will need:

  • A copy of the Simplesat Data Connector PBIX file (download here)

  • An account token

To get your Simplesat token, go to Account Settings > Account Key:

Note: Only users with Owner or Admin role can view the Account Key.

Connect to Power BI (desktop):

Add file to desktop app:

  • Go to File > Open report > Browse reports to get the PBIX file from the File Explorer, and it will be added to the report you are currently working on

Sync the data from your Simplesat account:

  • Go to Options and Settings > Data source settings

  • Click on Edit on the Edit Permissions pop-up

  • On the next pop-up, choose Anonymous for the Credential type and set privacy level as needed and click OK/save.

  • Enter your API key by clicking on Transform data from the top menu bar, then there should be an input area with a fake testing API key. Replace this placeholder with the account API key

  • Once the API key is entered go ahead and click Close & Apply to run the queries to pull all data from Simplesat for your account

Connect to Power BI (cloud):

Add file to cloud app:

  • Head over to your Power BI account and go to My workspace

  • Click on Upload > Browse, then upload the PBIX file

Sync the data from your Simplesat account:

  • Hover to the left of the newly uploaded dataset to see a ... button, click on that then select Settings

  • In the Settings page, expand the Data Source Credentials section and Edit Credentials for the currently Erroring web credential set.

  • Ensure the credentials setting is set to Anonymous with Skip test connection enabled and Privacy as appropriate

  • In the Settings page, expand the Parameters section where you can add your Simplesat token, and then click on the Apply button

Once the token has been added, you can refresh the data to pull in your feedback data from your account and can schedule refreshes to make sure the data is always recent.

Note: This may take a while to pull in all of your Simplesat data from the API.

Can't get it to work? Send us a message and we'll help you out!πŸ˜ƒ


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