To get started, you must:

     1. Have Power BI Desktop (you can download and install
        Power BI Desktop from here
    2. Have downloaded the Simplesat Data Connector PBIX file (download here)


Step 1: Open the file

Head over to your Power BI account and click on File > Open > simplesatDataConnector.pbit

Step 2: Get your token

Step 3: Edit Queries and Enter your token

You'll need to edit the query to enter your Simplesat account's token.

Step 4: Close and Apply

After updating the Simplesat Token Parameter, click on Close & Apply to apply the changes.

Note: This may take a while to pull in all of your Simplesat data from the API.

Once done, click on the tabular view to access all your Simplesat data. You can edit the query to hide some columns that are not needed or just create gauges off of all of the existing data.

Here's what success looks like:

Can't get it to work? Send us a message and we'll help you out!😃

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