In Simplesat, the following terms are used:

  • Feedback - An umbrella term for all for the ratings and comments your customers give. 

  • Response - A group of answers from the same ticket ID or submission is called a response.

  • Answer - An individual rating or comment; the answer to a question.

You can view all incoming feedback in the Feedback section of your account.

Previewing answers from the feedback overview page

Hover over the dots to view additional questions and answers for the response.

Response pop-up

Click on any piece of feedback to reveal a pop-up containing the full response details.

Within the response pop-up, you can: 

  • view the exact response submission date and time 

  • view the team member's ID and email address

  • view all the all synced data (through CSV import or integration sync) on the customer's section 

  • view the events history 

  • view additional answers for any additional survey questions

  • change the rating value and team member 

  • add and manage tags

The meta-information in the sidebar includes all data associated with the response, ticket, and customer.

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