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The customer information question helps you connect responses to customers that would otherwise be anonymous.

If enabled, the question will display at the beginning of the survey if the rating URL doesn't include a value for the customer_email parameter.

The question looks like this:

The customer info question can only be activated for generic embed survey types.

You can access the settings by editing a survey, then navigating to Configure.


  • Show question if customer info isn't already associated with the answer - If disabled, the question will never display, even if no customer information is included in the rating URL. This would essentially allow you to have fully anonymous surveys.

  • Require this question and hide all anonymous responses - If enabled, the skip button will disappear and respondents will not be able to move to the next question until they at least enter a valid email address. If the respondent doesn't give their information, the response will be hidden in your Simplesat dashboard.

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