The Intercom operator will send the survey automatically if the conversation met all the criteria listed below:

  • The conversation was replied to by a teammate OR a teammate starts a direct outbound conversation.

  • The conversation was started from a Custom Bot where a teammate also participated.

  • The conversation is over 250 characters (including spaces, and replies from your teammate and customer). This helps ensure ratings don’t send for short conversations with a simple yes/no answer.

  • The conversation is closed within a week of the last reply. If you or the customer hasn’t replied to the conversation in seven days, we won’t send a conversation rating, to prevent them from appearing in old conversations.

  • It's not a group conversation. Operator will not send a rating request when more than one user/lead are included in the conversation.

  • A rating request hasn't been already sent in the conversation. Operator will only send a rating request once per conversation.

If the chat conversation didn't meet those criteria, we recommend manually sending the app survey before closing the chat conversation.

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