Simplesat's suite of HubSpot integrations give you the ability to update contacts and custom objects with rating details, create follow-up tickets from feedback, and sync ticket details to give your team full control and transparency over the customer satisfaction experience.

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Adding surveys in HubSpot

Simplesat surveys can be added to HubSpot Service and Email and Marketing Hubs.

Update contact properties with rating details

Map Simplesat response details to any contact property in HubSpot.

For example, you can make sure that contacts are always up to date with their latest CSAT or NPS score.

Create custom objects from feedback

In HubSpot, there are different "object types", including Contacts, Companies, and Tickets.

HubSpot has a custom object feature for you to create new types that work for more specific situations.

Creating a new Simplesat Feedback object type allows you to associate responses with contacts and companies.

In order to use this integration, you must first create a new custom object type through the API. Once you have that ready (or if you'd like any assistance), please contact Simplesat support and we can help connect it with this integration.

Create follow-up tickets from feedback

Automated follow-up tickets make it easy for your team to quickly respond to customers and close the loop - all within your team's existing support workflows.

Pull ticket details

Each time your contact provides a rating, Simplesat will associate the following information with the response.


Data collected




Name, ID, Email, Company


Name, ID, Email

All information gathered through the API will override fields sent through URL parameters.

Add notes to rated tickets

Automatically update tickets with a note after a contact provides a rating.

Update ticket properties with rating details

Map Simplesat response details to any ticket property in HubSpot.

For example, you can update tickets with the latest CSAT rating, sentiment, and follow-up comment.

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