Expiration settings

Prevent responses from being updated after a set time period

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Expiration settings are a helpful way to prevent responses from being updated after a set amount of time.

This is a useful feature if you don't want to allow customers to update responses from tickets that are a few months old. It also helps to prevent multiple customers rating a ticket if they were all cc'd on the email.

Configuring expiration settings

Expiration settings are configured per survey. To enable, go to the Configure page of any survey.

Once there, tick the checkbox and select the number of hours a response can remain "open" after it is first created.

What your customers see

Once locked, anybody who clicks on the survey link will see a special card with information that the response cannot be updated.

Editing and unlocking responses

Locked responses are still able to be edited by a Simplesat admin directly in the dashboard.

It's currently not possible to unlock responses in the dashboard. If you need a response unlocked, please contact the Simplesat team to help.

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