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Cliniko integrations
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Embed a survey into Cliniko

Simplesat surveys can be added to Cliniko email notifications and send from triggers or automations.

Read the full guide on embedding surveys in Cliniko.

Authenticating with Cliniko

Before authenticating, you'll first need to generate an API key in Cliniko.

Start off by opening Cliniko, then go to my info under your name.

First, go back to the Cliniko integrations page, then click authenticate.

Enable allow yourself to create and use API keys, and click update user at the bottom of the page.

Next, click manage API keys and then add an API key.

Name your API key Simplesat and click create API key.

Copy your API key because you won't be able to see it again!

Next, go to the Cliniko integrations page by clicking here.

Click authenticate.

Paste your API key in the API key field, then look at which region your API ends with and fill this in at the URL prefix.
For example, if your API key ends in au2 then fill that in at the URL prefix

Then click authenticate.

You're now authenticated with Cliniko! 🎉

Send survey after a booking

Simplesat can automatically send a survey by email to a ticket's contact when the related ticket has been set to closed.

To set this up you'll first need to have an event-based survey set up by going to direct email delivery > event-based

Configure your email, then go to the delivery tab and copy the endpoint.

Authenticate if you haven't done so already, then scroll down to send survey after booking and click activate integration.

Once the integration has been successfully activated, scroll down a bit to endpoint URL.
Paste the survey endpoint in the endpoint URL field and click save.

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