Customize the sender details and content for your survey's email.

  • From - The name of the sender. This can either be your company, or a person's name in your company.
  • Email - Sender email address. We recommend using a real address so you know when a customer replies to an email. To change the sending domain name, please follow these instructions
  • Subject - Keep it short and interesting.
  • Question - In most cases you'll want to use the default "How likely are you to recommend Simplesat to a friend or colleague?" with the option to change "us" to your company's name.

Sending a test email

Click this button to send a test to the email address connected to your Simplesat account.

The test email content will be exactly what your customers will see. You can click the ratings in the test email to preview the landing page settings.

Note: clicks from test emails will add actual ratings to your Simplesat, so be sure to delete them later. 👍 

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