Multiple choice questions can be configured to either relate, or not relate with, an opinion scale. 

Uses for opinion scale

You'll want to use the opinion scale option for questions such as:

  • How likely are we to get things right the first time?
  • How response is our team?
  • How much do you feel like our team empathizes with you?

Choices are presented in a scale, from lowest to highest. 

Uses for no opinion scale

You wouldn't want to use an opinion scale when answers don't necessarily map to any sentiment.

For example:

  • How many employees are in your company?
  • Would you like us to call you back regarding this survey?

Toggling the opinion scale option

By default the opinion scale option is turned on. You can choose either option by clicking the toggle.

Sentiment mapping for opinion scales

When the opinion scale option is enabled, each choice will be mapped to a sentiment: positive, neutral, or negative

The sentiment mapping varies depending on how many choices are available. 

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