Using opinion scales in multiple-choice questions
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The opinion scale option should be used for questions that have a "good" or "bad" answer like

  • How likely are we to get things right the first time?

  • How responsive is our team?

  • How much do you feel like our team empathizes with you?

By default, the opinion scale is enabled, but it won't be meaningful for questions that don't have a right or wrong answer like

  • Which department did you work with?

  • Which of the following is most important for you?

You can switch the opinion scale setting off or on by clicking the checkbox.

When the opinion scale is enabled, the answer is mapped to a sentiment: negative, neutral, or positive

The sentiment mapping changes depending on how many choices are available in a way similar to how the CSAT icons change. The choices are presented on a scale, from negative to positive.ย 

Here's sample feedback with the opinion scale enabled:

And here's how it looks when disabled:

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