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Scheduled reports turn the routine task of data export into a seamless, automated process.

By setting up these reports, you can have the latest data sent directly to your team's inbox or even to external stakeholders, like customers, saving everyone valuable time.

How they work

Scheduled reports are currently available for both Feedback and Report sections, with plans to introduce them to the Dashboard section in the future. The cornerstone of a scheduled report is a view – a preset configuration of date range and filters from which the report generates data.

Internal and external recipients can be included, facilitating report sharing and fostering stronger relationships through consistent updates.

There's no limit to the number of schedules you can create per view, giving you the flexibility to tailor the frequency and content for different audiences.

How to set up

Setting up a scheduled report is just a few clicks away:

  • First, make sure that you've created either a Feedback or Report view.

  • From your view, click the Schedule report button.

  • Enter the email addresses of the recipients – select users from your Simplesat account or add any email address manually.

  • Customize the subject and message or use the defaults provided. Utilize the {{ date }} placeholder to enhance clarity in email threads.

  • Choose the frequency of the report and confirm by clicking Schedule.


Select how often you'd like the report to be sent:

  • Daily – Choose how many days to wait before sending the next report.

  • Weekly – Select the weekly interval and the specific day of the week for dispatch.

  • Monthly – Decide if the report goes out on a specific date or a particular week of the month.

    • If you choose for a report to be sent on a day of the week, select from numbers 1-5. When you choose 5, the value will transform into Last, ensuring no conflicts for shorter months.

Tip: After you save a schedule, you can view the upcoming sending dates on the schedule overview modal to make sure you got the frequency correct.

Sending test or one-off emails

Need to send a report right away? You can trigger a one-off email by editing the report schedule and hitting the Send now button.

Editing and deleting

To adjust your scheduled reports:

  • Access existing schedules via the Schedule report button, where you can review all set schedules at a glance.

  • Use the pencil icon to edit any schedule, or the trash icon to delete it, keeping your automated reports relevant and up-to-date.

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