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Add a survey to Maileon
Add a survey to Maileon
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Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT, NPS, CES or 5-star survey that you can embed directly in your Maileon email campaigns.

Create your survey

First, create a new survey.

Customize the survey settings to your heart's desires. 😁 Then, choose the Integrate with another tool option in the Publish tab.

Select Maileon in the pop-up box.

Click the generate embed code button. Make sure that you're on the HTML option then click copy survey.

Maileon email placeholders

These are automatically included when you generate a Maileon survey embed code, but here they are just in case. πŸ˜‰

Customer ID

[[% contact 'ID']]

Customer Email

[[% email]]

Customer First Name

[[% firstname]]

Customer Last Name

[[% lastname]]

Customer Company

[[% contact 'ORGANISATION']]

Email Subject


Mailing ID


Add your survey to Maileon's notification emails

Start off by opening your Maileon account and create a new mailing as how your normally would.

Edit the content of your email, then drag a code step in your email where you'd like your survey to be displayed.

Next, edit your code block by clicking the <> button.

Replace the code from <h2> to the last </p> with the HTML code which you've generated earlier.

Then click save.

Try it out!

Send a test email with yourself as the recipient. Check your email and click any rating that you like. Once you do, new feedback should instantly show up in your Simplesat dashboard. 🎊

If you run into any issues let us know and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot. πŸ™Œ

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